We are looking for high level and autonomous Engineers having 3D Skills.

We are different from the majority of the Indian services companies that just “develop” according to very detailed specifications.

For all our movies, the first step is to create the scenario of the movie that requests a lot of intelligence because it requires:
  • to understand the purpose and specific features of each product.
  • to be capable to search from Internet why these features make the product better than its competitors.
  • to imagine how to show the benefits to customers.
  • to imagine contextualized real situations to show these benefits.

We are also different from the majority of the Indian services companies because we do not split the projects into many pieces; the project manager is the one who will visualize the scenario but is also the one who will produce the movie (except eventually some very specific items that will be done by our experts).

Why is it much more attractive for high level people?
  • Because tremendous movies will be produced only by those capable of imagining the right scenario and producing the movies.
  • Because they will always have the global vision of their projects (and not stay a little piece into huge projects).
  • Because they will really manage the relationships with the customers.
  • Because the liabilities are not hidden into hierarchies where nobody understands who does what.
  • Because the successes are clear allowing to be proud of the work done and to be rewarded for the successes.
Are you technically well educated?
Do you want to show your intelligence?
Do you have the 3D skills or background to produce a movie clip?
Do you want to be challenged and rewarded for your successes?
Why not joining us rather than not fully using your skills?
Ideal profile
  • High education as B.E / B.Tech or ME/M.Tech
  • Minimum 5 Years of Experience
  • Having 3D skills